So you need to pack? Here are a few handy tips to make sure your trip is a success

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So you need to pack? Here are a few handy tips to make sure your trip is a success

Do you find yourself thinking for days on end about things you will need on the trip and telling yourself “I must remember to pack that“? Have you arrived and discovered “oops I should have packed that“? There is a simple solution and it works, especially if it’s keeping you up at night before the trip – write it down. Yes, make a list, add to it whenever you have an idea that I must pack this, and take it with you. When you get there and think I should have, add it to that list and keep it in one of those pockets in your favourite bag or case so next time, you won’t forget. When you are doing that last-minute dash instead of running around in circles you can check your list and feel far more at ease and only have to deal with the excitement or nerves of the trip itself.

A pen and paper or even a note taken on your phone can help in all sorts of ways. Making notes, or even doodling on the trip itself when you are waiting is a great time to put some thoughts in order or make plans. If you want to remember something or want to make a note for a caption of a photo you will upload, the list goes on.

If you are buying travel sized toiletries before a holiday that involves the beach, grab a small travel size pack of baby powder. Nothing works better on sandy feet to clear off the sand. It’s also fantastic on the thighs if you are not used to wearing skirts and find your legs sticking together. Last but not least, I am sure we all know the trick about refreshing your hair by shaking in a bit of baby powder and shaking it out again.

Packing itself is a breeze if you roll your clothes up, there are a lot of hacks on youtube for packing which are all pretty great, but KonMari get’s my vote in the folding department. Weigh your bag or your case on its own before using it, some cases take up a big chunk of that allowance and there are lighter alternatives. Tie a ribbon or unusual piece of fabric to the handle so you can spot it a mile away when it comes out on the luggage carousel and not have any moments of panic when you see someone grabbing a bag or case identical to yours.

It’s worth it to get a lip balm and keep it in your pocket for the flight. Ever had the person in front of you blowing their above head fan straight at you? Or wondering why your lips and eyes are drying out? If you’re not the shy type ask them to change the direction of the nozzle but if you are, there are a few options here. One is a dampened tissue cloth from the loos to dampen your eyes and lips, another is asking for ice in a plastic glass from the staff (it’s almost always free). If you are truly organised or have very sensitive eyes, you might even consider one of those gel cooling eye masks.

Another little gem is that one of the best treatments for sunburn, is (of all things) vinegar. Yes, it truly is. Sunburn is busy breaking down the skin, and if you see how long pickles last you start to get the idea of why it helps stop peeling, takes away the pain, and turns that burn brown. The smell disappears when it dries and if you put it in the fridge it’s nearly heavenly on those hot red shoulders and so cooling. Some products off the shelf can cause a rash or make a heat rash worse, so next time, grab that bottle of pickles. While we are on unusual remedies, next time you think you have a cold sore starting, try dabbing a little bit of vapo-rub or vicks on it.

Some suntan lotions include a mosquito repellent so save yourself a lot of trouble by lathering up once in the morning with a water proof choice, and again after showering in the evening and you should be itchy bumps free.

If you are travelling somewhere cold, you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe, just a few pairs of really good thermal vests and trousers. You may still need a good coat, hat and gloves but all your favourite thinner outfits become winter warm with a good thermal layer under them Waterproof shoes or boots is a must.

Happy travels till next time.

by M.S.


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