Counterfeit South African Passports Are Big Business as Other Africans Use South Africa and it’s Passport as a Gateway to Claim Asylum in Ireland & UK

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Counterfeit South African Passports Are Big Business as Other Africans Use South Africa and it’s Passport as a Gateway to Claim Asylum in Ireland & UK

Africans love to hate the very thing they want the most. They allegedly hate colonialism, but want everything it offers. During the economic boom of Apartheid South Africa, Africans were risking their lives to get INTO apartheid South Africa and there weren’t any sprawling refugee camps on the borders of the country Africans so loved to hate. Now, apart from the destruction of the economic boom by the ANC regime, it seems little has changed – Africans are still flooding INTO South Africa, although now there is no border, so very little risk. Through a policy of Deliberate Negligence, the ANC has effectively implemented an open border policy for South Africa, much to the UN’s pleasure…

Indeed, when it comes to globalism, and its chief instigator of globalist conquest, the United Nations, logic, common sense or even legality and truth are no longer required, much like the ANC regime. The UN uses decriminalisation of everything as a tool to destroy Nations States, and their cultures and societies, in order to increase its authority as the One World Government. South Africa is on the frontline of this globalist conquest given its unique position, not geographically as one might think, but that it has an army of refugee migrants that can be used in the global conquest. Also, conveniently, SA still has some semblance of civilisation, infrastructure and a solid base of obedient, trapped taxpayers to fleece, to pay for this globalist conquest, as well as very handy economic and transport links to the UN’s targets, Europe and USA. Having a communist government also makes it easy for the UN to quietly implement its agenda. This allows the United Nations to class South Africa as a Safe Country of origin, despite 56 murders EVERY DAY, rape, robbery, hijacking, state capture, corruption, etc. you name the crime and it probably happens in SA.

This is a win win win scenario for the United Nation’s globalist hegemony, as was planned. Firstly White South Africans are being destabilised and forced to flee South Africa in ever increasing numbers thanks to their genetic, cultural and economic ties with the UN’s said target, The West. Secondly, Africans from other African nations that have been destroyed by communism and the UN, are fleeing to South Africa, which is now, thirdly, being used as a gateway to get the UN’s migrant army into The West, thanks to said connections with the West.

On the receiving end in Europe and the USA, the UN has also been very busy preparing the ground for the arrival and acceptance of its migrant army to establish a foothold and enforce multiculturalism. Ireland is a classic example where The Irish Department of Justice has said it was concerned that many of those making claims for asylum in Ireland were originating from places classified as “safe countries”.

This is becoming an increasingly viable option as Italy and other Mediterranean nations of Europe have become flooded with migrants via the “Fake Rescue” NGO ships serving as a taxi service, ferrying Africans to Europe. With the so called “backstop” in place, even after BRexit, Africans will still be able to enter UK as “Southern Africans”, via Ireland, to claim “asylum” in UK. No rubber dinghy required.

Some 41 per cent of all asylum claims in the first half of the year were from Albanian, Georgian and “South African” nationals (we put South African in quotes for a reason). All three countries are officially classed as “safe countries of origin” by the UNHCR and thus Ireland, who does what it is told. This means Ireland has to consider them as safe and stable democracies. An asylum seeker from a country regarded as safe is much less likely to be granted leave to remain in Ireland, yet confusingly, they still won’t be deported.

The rising numbers of applicants from countries considered safe countries of origin by the UN is a concern,” the Department of Justice said in response to queries about the recent trends.

It later backtracked on that statement, saying the UN had been mentioned in error. It confirmed the Government, not the UN, determined which nations were deemed “safe countries of origin” by Ireland. This however is not true as it is UN trained staff that are making the decisions by proxy based on UN policy, so the fact that it is Irish employees is mere window dressing affording the UN and the irish regime deniability, which they have just exercised in that retracted statement. In fact the asylum application form itself is provided by the UN.

The department pointlessly added that the asylum system, also known as “international protection”, was intended for “those fleeing their homes in desperate circumstances”. What about the lack of deportations despite only 13% of claimants being legitimate and being approved? A bag is not a bag if it does not have a bottom… but then logic and legality is irrelevant to the New World Order the UN is complicit in implementing.

The Secret War on Ireland and Europe…

Hundreds of “South Africans” have applied for asylum in the Republic of Ireland over the last year alone and according to data supplied by Ireland’s Department of Justice and Equality, from 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019 just over 300 “South Africans” applied for international protection (IP). This is mostly because “South Africans” can travel to the Republic of Ireland visa-free, making it one of the only European countries that allow them this access. Zimbabweans and other African nations require Visas before departing. This is a vital tool for the UN’s conquest and Zimbabweans and other Africans can now use false South African passports to get into Europe.

The UK actually strengthened their visa requirements from South Africa a while ago due to the extent to which South African passports were being counterfeited and abused by other African nationals. However, to the soft touch European nations like Ireland, and the complicit UN, a fake passport is not a crime, but seen as proof of the desperation the person had to flee their country. In fact, having a counterfeit passport is an advantage as it not only shows desperation, but they also do not want to claim as South African, because it is deemed a safe country! The entire system has been devised in order to pretend compassion whilst facilitating fraud and illegality! One can only imagine what kind of illegality or crime even was employed to gather the required cash for the counterfeiters and human traffickers. Although many are actually quite wealthy and have no problems paying their way.

A source even told us about someone connected to a SA Lottery Grant recipient worth millions, who followed this route and claimed asylum in Ireland.

Another source also agrees that “the number has increased because most of the Zimbabweans never registered in south Africa as south Africans BUT they bought passports and IDs as South Africans to enter Ireland.

Then when they are in Ireland, they are Zimbabweans again. So that’s the reason data shows its south Africans claiming asylum.
Moreover any other nationality which have this R45,000 to pay the counterfeiters in South Africa for IDs and Passports, simply do that and go to direct Ireland to claim asylum. Once in Ireland, they speak the truth about where they come from originally when they apply for asylum. Like Nigerians, Zambians, Lesotho and Botswana people, Congolese and many more, even Chinese are using it a lot!”

Ironically the real South African claimants are mostly black South Africans, despite SA having a Black Government for quarter of a century. As a result, South Africa now has over 118 Regulations, Rules and Laws prejudicing against white South Africans, excluding them from work, education, tenders, civil service etc. etc. White South Africans are also being prejudiced against by the Irish Asylum system with the greater left wing industry deeming white South Africans to be guilty and racist by default and thus treating them a s second class humans… Even Ireland’s so called anti racism NGO, ENAR has been guilty of anti white racism! The complicit UN and its partner organisations, EU and NGOs have been very hard at work preparing the ground in Ireland for the migrant army, where there are now more anti-racism organisations than actual cases of racism!



We know of cases where white South Africans have arrived on holiday on a normal visa (issued automatically in Dublin), with all the required medical cover etc. and are immediately deported back to South Africa because they have a C.V. in their luggage, yet there have been black South Africans who have arrived on holiday with the same visa and medical cover, and have been offered 600 Euros cash at the airport if the claim asylum in Ireland! There are very sinister forces working in secret in Ireland and the complicit Irish EU regime does nothing to stop it! Don’t expect to read these stories in your mainstream media…


Furthermore, South Africa has been deemed a “safe country” by the UN for years, but this is not because South Africa is in any way safe, on the contrary, South Africa has among the highest murder and rape stats in the world with 56 murders EVERY DAY! No, once again the truth is more UN globalist lies, deceit and manipulation. South Africa HAS TO BE A SAFE COUNTRY in order to accept the millions of asylum applications from the rest of Africa. South Africa too has de facto open borders due to deliberate negligence on the part of the communist ANC regimen which the globalists worked very hard to install. The UN can hardly accept Asylum Applications to South Africa from the rest of Africa if it were not deemed “SAFE”. Many Africans from other African nations come to Europe and USA via South Africa – they claim asylum in South Africa, then travel via the human trafficking system (mostly with fake SA passports) to Europe and USA where they claim asylum again, revealing their true nationality, as SA is classed a safe country!

There are hundreds of websites where you can buy fake passports, openly advertising and even spamming their services! Once again, the left is trying to “break the system” through abuse! Don’t bother trying to report a website that openly sells fake passports, we tried – the authorities do not care and have a hardened system of deniability and passing the buck… once again “deliberate negligence“.



So far this year some 2,234 new claims for asylum have been made in Ireland, up 36 per cent on the same period last year, which was already a 10 year high. The number of new applications from those alleging persecution is now set for a 15-year high, as the Direct Provision (DP) asylum accommodation system in Ireland bursts at the seams with over 6,200 migrants. Shockingly, of the 6,212 asylum seekers currently living in 38 direct provision centres, ONLY 780 people have received refugee status or permission to remain! So more than 85% of these DP residents are awaiting decisions, on appeal or are failed or fake claimants, which Ireland refuses to deport, even though this would make more than sufficient room and resources for legitimate claimants! Some failed claimants have lived there for a decade, despite having exhausted all their appeals!

An additional 1,087 people who have claimed asylum, including about 180 children, are staying in 30 emergency accommodation centres which have opened in hotels and B&Bs in recent months. There were 210 people sleeping in emergency beds in December.

Ireland has deliberately been turned into a de facto Open Borders state which artificially creates this crisis, not only directly due to Ireland’s stubborn refusal to deport any failed asylum seekers at all, but it could also be aggravated by the fact that this policy, of not deporting failed asylum seekers, has in fact attracted more fraudulent claimants to Ireland, especially from countries the UN has classed as “safe”, meaning they would almost certainly be deported from other countries, but not from soft touch Ireland. Failed asylum seekers are even coming from UK to Ireland!

Given the well funded and aggressive work from left wing traitor NGOs, who are backed and even funded by the UN or EU, it is almost certain that word has gone out into the third world that Ireland is a soft touch and a patsy for economic migrants and false claimants, as the chances of being forcibly deported from Ireland, no matter the details of your claim, are basically zero! It is also not far fetched that these left wing NGOs and their globalist paymasters are deliberately trying to break the Direct Provision refugee accommodation system, in order to force the Irish government to start housing the mostly fake claimants among the general Irish population, which would result in an even bigger explosion in crime.

After all, how is the Kalergi Plan (enforced racemixing of Europe) supposed to work if the enforced multiculturalism is contained in centres, as insecure and open as they are, with their flourishing “night time” businesses, (which not only promote racemixing, but affords the migrants a stronger foothold in Ireland)!

The left is well known for this kind of “break the system” approach. The rise of more and more so called migrant welfare NGOs like MASI, indicates there is some kind of co-ordinated campaign is afoot, all funded by the Irish Government, UN, EU and Globalist Multinationals and Oligarchs and their “institutions” or “foundations” or NGOs. MASI is fronted by a South African “refugee”, Kenny Khumbula from Kwazulu-Natal, where he had a career in the insurance industry as an administrator and customer service manager. Lucky’s asylum claim was denied several times, but he remained in Ireland, where he seems to have been recruited by the militant far left, including antifa members, working hard to destroy the system that gave him refuge. It is almost as if  the left are using the migrants as a private army with which to manufacture public sympathy and stage a coup and take over the country!

George Soros was known to have printed little booklets with maps and contact phone numbers that are given to would be claimants further up the human trafficking pipeline. Ever wondered why all migrants appear to have a mobile phone and hang on to it for dear life? It is their connection to the traitor NGO network and their entourage who make themselves complicit in human trafficking. Lauren Southern also made a video “Borderless” where she exposed these activities, such as migrants being coached on what lies to tell when lodging a claim. Is it any wonder the Irish NGOs panicked and spewed all kinds of lies when Southern secretly visited Ireland last year?

What a joke and mockery this globalist system of world occupation is! Yet the mainstream media propagate it ad infinitum – they simply reproduce the propagandist press releases the Establishment puts out, and thus act as a megaphone for the globalist system, without actually doing any journalism or research! The consumers of mainstream media, aka “sheep”, are too busy surviving and earning a living to question any of this or do their own research. They can barely just manage to pay the taxes that funds all of this…

The number of claims in Ireland this year looks set to reach about 5,000, which would be the highest since 2004. The left are close to achieving their aim of deliberating “breaking the system”!

Predictably, the Irish Refugee Council, whose funding is directly related to the globalist promotion of open borders, has called for all children to be removed from emergency accommodation centres immediately, even though minister Charlie Flanagan told Newstalk that less than 1% of deportation orders against minors are enforced. This would be the same groups that call for more children to be brought to Ireland – to be put in harms way for political gain? Clearly IRC want to “break the system” by pushing demands beyond the bounds of reason.

Sitting on the other side of a lying TV screen – the onus is now upon YOU to start doing your own research… be skeptical, because if it is not deliberate negligence, it is corruption and incompetence on a monumental, almost genocidal scale!



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