Russian Delegation Headed to South Africa to Discuss Resettlement Plan with Oppressed Boers Seeking Asylum (Video)

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Russian Delegation Headed to South Africa to Discuss Resettlement Plan with Oppressed Boers Seeking Asylum (Video)

A Russian delegation is due to come to South Africa to work out a more detailed resettlement plan with the Boer community. The first families of Boers, descendants of Dutch, French and German settlers in South Africa, could soon be moving to Russia to escape farm murders, anti-white racism and rising violence against farmers. An estimated 15,000 Boers want to leave South Africa and become farmers in Russia.

Stavropol in Southern Russia is ready to settle up to 50 Boer families, according to the region’s Deputy Commissioner for human rights Vladimir Poluboyarenko. He told Russia Today there is already a plan for settlement of roughly 500 families with their own cattle near Stavropol. The official also said that out of the four million Boers, representing eight percent of South Africa’s population, an estimated fifteen thousand Boers want to move to Russia.

The Schlebusch family from South Africa’s Bloemfontein is going to be among first 50 Boer families to settle in Russia’s warmer southwest. Like many other Boers, they are seeking political asylum in Russia. They say they are facing violent attacks and racist death threats at home aggravated by government plans to expropriate their land without compensation, which will also damage the food security of the entire region.

Earlier this month, farmer Adi Schlebusch visited Russia’s farmbelt Stavropol Region. Schlebusch, whose own grandfather was murdered at his farm, said that the land in South Africa “was never taken by whites from blacks with violence or in an unjust manner.” He explained that when Boers moved to South Africa in the 19th century, they tried to act in a way that was fair, to negotiate officially and to avoid conflict. many contracts and agreements were signed which still exist today, many in museums.

The farmer said he visited Russia with his family to explore the possibilities of resettling in the area. “I know the growth of agricultural production is immense in Russia. So, I think it’s the right time to buy in into agriculture in Russia. And I think there’s a lot of potential.”


Adi Schlebusch


Everything changed after Cyril Ramaphosa took control of the ANC regime from Zuma’s despotic reign. South Africa’s new president has pledged to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600’s to the blacks in the country, who themselves are migrants from central Africa. The southwardly migrating blacks and northwardly migrating Europeans met at the Fish River in Eastern Cape. The hinterland was deserted after Shaka’s Mfecane (Genocide) in which he murdered 2 Million africans of other tribes. It is this bantu tribe that now rules South Africa and was also responsible for the Rwandan genocide whilst they (Hutus) too were the majority government there…

The ANC regime said it is planning to put an end to what it calls the legacy of apartheid, where it incorrectly claims that most of South Africa’s land is still in the hands of its minority white population.

Rights groups said the initiative incites violence. There were 74 farm murders and 638 attacks, primarily against white farmers, in 2016-17 in South Africa, according to data by minority rights group AfriForum.

The government doesn’t dispute the figures, but officials claim farmers are victims of crime like other citizens of the country gripped by violence and that they are not targeted because they are white, although there is evidence this is not true.

Schlebusch confirmed that roughly 15,000 Boers are ready to leave their country and begin a new life in Russia.

“The reason I’m considering immigration is honestly because I see dark clouds hanging over our future. The reality is that we do fear for our lives. And the reality is that a white farmer is attacked every day in South Africa. My grandfather was murdered on this farm. The government is certainly responsible for creating that climate of antagonism towards white farmers.” 

Don V

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South African Genocide


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