Black Monday: SAFFAs wear black should go out to buy SA products to support #StopFarmMurders

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Black Monday: SAFFAs wear black should go out to buy SA products to support #StopFarmMurders

On Monday 30 October 2017 South Africans all over the world wore black to mourn the deaths of all the farmers who’ve been murdered. Just like every other South African I feel frustrated with the ongoing violence that South Africans of all races face daily. It is evil, brutal and unnecessary.

I live here in the Netherlands since January of 2017. I love living here, but I constantly worry about all of my friends and family that still live in South Africa. When my phone rings at night I panic thinking could this be the call telling me that my parents were attacked and killed.

I always feel so happy and proud when I get to buy South African products on the shelves here in NL, it makes feeling homesick just a little easier!

Today I went on a mission to see how many products I could find that come from a South African farmer. A farmer who is fighting to keep himself and his family safe. I am sure there are plenty more but this is what I found.

I’m not really sure what I want to achieve with this blog post. I guess I just want to create awareness and the only way I know how is with photos and stories. Maybe, just maybe, it will reach someone who cares enough to say, “enough is enough!!”

Maybe I want to challenge every other person in the world to go out and find products that come from the South African farmers. People need to realize that “biologische blauwe bessen” do not fall from the sky!

I feel sad knowing that SA products of the highest quality can be bought on many of the shelves here in the Netherlands, while farmers that supply these products are facing hell everyday!

It just doesn’t seem right.

On Monday I will wear black and I will mourn with every other South African personally affected, (including myself), by farm murders.

Here are some of the statistics:

34 000 farmers are suffering the effects of drought and natural disasters, while also trying to protect their lives and produce food for 55 million South Africans.

Commercial farmers are 4.5 times more likely to get murdered than the South African population as a whole.

Since 1 January 2017, at least 341 farm attacks have been committed, during which 70 people have been murdered.

There have been 11 attacks and 4 murders on farms in the last 5 days.

Here are some products I found:

By Vicky mcCachlan


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